Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring has sprung!

Spring is a fabulous time to live on a farm. The trees are blooming, horses are shedding, and chicks are peeping! I've taken a short siesta from horse showing to dedicate time to the growing flock here, as well as putting up new coops. (Plus with the price of gas, I'm content to enjoy riding the trails on our 50 acres for the time being!) The excitement is growing for the sale at Gilmanor Farm on May 7th, where I will be bringing some Welsummer hens, barred olive egger chicks, mottled java chicks, and maran varieties, my egg ornaments, as well as painted wine glasses. Please stop by and say hello! We'll be under the blue tent with the Shady Lane Farm banner.

My first hatch of EE's are now 6 weeks old, and are looking beautiful. These girls will stay with the SLF flock.

After the terrible storms raged in Virginia last Saturday, I let the girls out on Sunday for a romp. They all enjoyed some fresh spring grass as well as various patches of clover. I have a few red production hens that found it necessary to follow me around like puppies, so I took a book out while they scoured around for fun things to play with.