Tuesday, December 13, 2011

And I've gone and done what I said I'd never do..

As I set some eggs in September, I had to wonder to myself... why exactly am I doing this? Well, for several good reasons, which for me, outweighed the bad. I was able to obtain eggs from a wonderful breeder of Welsummers who luckily lived in the next county over. She has some of the best lines of the Wellies I've seen, so those went in. But, hatching eggs is a funny thing.. once you start, you can't stop! So soon after that I set another 12 when I saw eggs come available from a breed I've been craving for years.. and from incredible show stock. This continued 2 more times for some great breeds of birds that will be new to SLF. And, happily, the last group of eggs are hatching today, a joint venture with a great friend and local breeder of Delawares. 2 of the breeds that hatched this fall are rare to this area, so I'm especially excited to have brought them to this area of Virginia.

I'll be announcing these new breeds, as well as our 2012 lineup and prices in January. I will start taking chick orders at that time, and the first hatch will be in late February. I will have hatching eggs available as chick orders permit.

Happy Holidays to all from Shady Lane Farm!