Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Fall Gilmanor Farm Sale

September 17th is fast approaching, and we are very excited for the fall Gilmanor sale. We are very lucky to be located only about 10 minutes from Joel Gilman's beautiful farm. I have started to go through the flock and here is the preliminary list of what I'll be bringing, and numbers may change. All birds are between 3-5 months old unless noted, I will update approximate ages asap. Because we are gearing up for our NPIP/AI testing we no longer can have farm pick-ups, I do apologize. If you see something here you must have please let me know and I can hold your bird(s) for you at Gilmanor, but only until 9am.

-Partridge Rock pullets: 8
-Partridge Rock roos: 3 (they are huge!)
-Silver Penciled Rock roos: 6
-Easter Egger pullets (6 months): 2
-Easter Egger pullet mix (6 months): 1
-Exchequer Leghorn roos: 2
-Cochin roo (sweet, eats out of my hand!): 1
-Barred Olive Egger roos: 2-3
-Barred Olive Egger pullets (possibly): 2
-Wheaten Ameraucana roo (Hodges): 1
-Buff Orpington roos (Hink JC/Green Family Farm): 2
-Buff Orpington pullets (Hink JC/Green Family Farm): 2

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